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This is a generic copy of our terms and conditions

Au Pair Placement Agreement and Terms of Business

This agreement is between 1st Choice Au Pairs of Garfield House, Polebrook, Nr Peterborough PE8 5LN hereafter referred to as the agency and Mr & Mrs [Name of Family] of [Address of Family] hereafter named the family concerning the placement of the au pair known as [Au Pair Name] hereafter named the au pair.

Under the terms of this agreement, the family have agreed to accept the Au Pair for a nominal period of [period in months]. The fee associated with the service is £ [fee] payable within 14 days from the invitation date of the au pair. The fee charged is applicable to one engagement only.

Please make cheques payable to:-

1st Choice Au Pairs

The interviewing and subsequent engagement of staff that have been found by and introduced by the agency is taken to be an acceptance of our terms and conditions and the normal fees that apply.

The fee charged is for the search, selection, placement and after-care support for the au pair and does not form part of any salary due to be paid to the au pair.

Where an au pair is engaged initially on a short term basis and their assignment is extended beyond the original period, any difference in fee is then chargeable. It is the responsibility of the family to inform the agency of any change in circumstances.

All introductions are confidential. Any families introducing an au pair to anther party will be held responsible for the appropriate fee due to a resulting engagement and any costs for recovering that fee.

The Applicant provide character & childcare references, educational qualifications & certificates and medical records. Every effort is made to check the authenticity of such documents and follow up reference checks are made. The agency accepts no liability if such references or certificates prove to be inaccurate.

Every effort is made to verify the information provided by the family . Any information omitted or wrongly disclosed on the family registration form that has a relevant bearing on an issue between family and au pair will invalidate the refund/replacement guarantee.

When the applicant has lived with your family for 28 days or more (14 in the case of short term au pairs) the engagement will be regarded as satisfactory and the agency will have fulfilled its placement obligations. Any replacement au pair requested through the agency after this time will incur the introduction fee.

Au Pairs shall work only up to the hours and duties previously agreed and confirmed by the agency unless these changes are agreed between family and au pair and the agency is informed. Any issue arising due to additional duties beyond this agreement will make the refund/replacement guarantee null and void.

For a period of up to 28 days from the agreed arrival date of the Au Pair. The agency will offer a free replacement within 28 days on receipt of written notification if:

  • The Applicant fails to arrive

  • >The Applicant leaves of his/her own accord

  • There are irreconcilable differences between the requirements of the family and the au pair that were misrepresented by the agency or the Au Pair (of skills, abilities or background) in their application/profile details.

This guarantee does not cover problems arising as a result of personal issues, arguments or disputes, personality issues.
Evidence may be requested to verify the Au Pair has left the family i.e. copies of travel tickets etc.
If the agency are unable to find a suitable replacement within 28 days then the placement fee will be refunded, less a £75 administration fee.

No refund will be payable:

  • If the introduction fee has not been paid.

  • In the event of the dismissal or departure of a replacement au pair.

  • If the au pair justifiably complains of abuse, mistreatment or misconduct by You or any member, guest, friend or acquaintance of your family.

  • If you restrict access or, to prevent the Applicant using any amenities to which he/she is contractually entitled, or You withhold all or part of his/her salary.

  • If You do not abide by these terms and conditions.

  • If an au pair leaves because they have been asked (and have not agreed) to work longer hours or perform different duties to those agreed.

  • Applications for all refunds must be made in writing to the agency within 7 days.

  • The agency acts as a means of introduction only. Whilst every care is taken to introduce suitable candidates, the final responsibility as to whether they should be offered the position must be that of the family. As such the agency shall not under any circumstances be liable for any loss, damage, expense, injury to property or persons from any act or omission howsoever arising, even if such act or omission is fraudulent or negligent and from any inconvenience suffered or incurred by clients in employing the applicant.