Our Platinum Service

New Platinum Service

We are pleased to introduce a new platinum level service for families who want the most detailed information we can provide

'Sit In' on the interview

Each Au Pair offered under the platinum service has a video CD/DVD of the full interview (in English) for you to watch at your leisure

Personality Profiles

Every platinum Au Pair has completed a 16PF personality factors assessment. The report of this assessment will be made available to you*

*If a candidate is unhappy with the distribution of her personality profile then this will not be sent. In cases where no personality profile is available, for a candidate, the platinum fee is reduced by £25 per candidate (to a maximum of 3 candidates i.e. £75)

Only the Best

Au Pair candidates are chosen from backgrounds where they are qualified or working towards qualifications with child orientated professions i.e. nursery assistants, paediatric nurses, teachers.

3-Way Conference

If required by the family, then a member of our staff can facilitate the interview by organising a 3-way telephone call. This may be useful if the family want additional help with language/translation or to act as a prompt for questions that may need to be asked

Registration Fee

With the extra costs and work involved in producing the video CDs/DVDs, then a £100 registration fee is charged.


The registration fee guarantees we will offer you a minimum of 3 candidates, who all meet your basic requirements, who are all qualified or working towards qualifications in a child orientated profession (full detailed list of all professions available with out information sheet). All of these candidates will be provided with police check, all written references, our reference check report, copies of certificates/qualifications, personality profile report and full length interview DVD/CD for each candidate.

Availability of Video

The video of the interview will only be available on CD/DVD to families who have paid the registration fee