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We are one agency who deals directly with both our families and au pairs. This makes matching easier and better to achieve as the same person has met and talked to both sides. It means communication and ongoing support is easier, information is less likely to become distorted and in the case of problems arising, it is far better for one agency to deal with things, instead of problems being passed from one agency in the UK to another overseas and each agency having different .

One agency dealing with both family and au pair - aiding communication & information flow

We try to meet all our au pairs and families to make the best match

Use of multi-media such as video clip introductions of family and au pair

Ongoing support for families & au pairs - multi-lingal UK office staff

Free for au pairs - no registration fee and competitive fees for families

Psychometric testing, English assessment & thorough vetting of each au pair

Compare our Service
Type of Agency Normal Agency Web Agency 1st Choice
Face to Face Interviews No No Yes
Psychometric Tests No No Yes
Video Introductions No No Yes
Ongoing Support Yes No Yes
Free for Au Pairs No Yes Yes