slovak_flagHow to Register

Click here to complete a very short, no obligation, enquiry form.

In this instance, please call us without obligation on 0845 4300 230 to discuss your situation and requirements.

What To Do Next?

After contacting us, we will send you registration pack that includes our registration form, advice on hosting an au pair, guidance sourced from official government and other sources on many things including visa information, health cover, police registration etc.

Complete the Registration Documents we send to you. They are comprehensive as it is important time is spent in detailing your family information and au pair requirements in order to make the most suitable au pair placement for you. This information gathering need only be done once and on any subsequent au pair placements we will be able to access this information again. All information kept on any individuals or families is strictly guarded, not released to any other organizations or individuals and only released to au pairs on your agreement. We comply with all data protection practices and are registered under the Data Protection Act.

Prepare a Short Letter to Describe your Family - It is of great help for all potential au pairs to read a summary describing your family, the children, where you live and what you are looking for in an au pair. This makes each family application more personal and will help to attract the best candidates.

Provide a Few Photographs of your Family, House etc. - It is advisable and a great way to aid your application to provide a photograph or two of your family, your home and surroundings and anything else that may personalize your application (e.g. pets etc.). These can be returned with the registration forms and will be returned to you if requested or they can be sent in digital format (.jpeg preferred) to

Meeting or Telephone Discussion to Finalize Your Requirements - It is advisable to discuss your specific situation and requirements and we do this for each of our au pair placements. This can be done over the telephone or we can visit you at your home. This also allows us to show you short video clips of some of the au pairs – a good way of judging for yourself their English ability and seeing them more as individuals than what you see on paper. We will arrange this after receiving your completed registration form.

A short list of candidates will be sent to you that meet all of your absic requirements and who we believe are best suited to your family. These candidates are usually contacted first to check that they will be happy to move to the next stage of the placement process i.e. talking with you by telephone.

You inform us which candidate/s you wish to talk to further and we wil lsend you contact information.

One or more telephone interniews will take place. In case of assistance needed for language issues, then we can offer 3-way facilitated conference calls.

You let us know who you would like to invite and we will then go ahead and prepare an agreement (letter of invitation) that details hours, duties, holidays etc.

Invitation is sent to the au pair and hopefully she accepts. Otherwise we will then help to negotiate any gaps or move on to another candidate.

Payment for our services is due when an offer is made and accepted by one of our candidates.